Specifies how the document structure is generated when a PDF document is imported. Adobe PDF format is a low-level output format. In most cases in contains only geometrical information about the single characters. A high-level document structure specifying paragraphs, tables, sections and styles is not available. The TXTextControl PDF import filter will reconstruct the original document according to the value of the PDFImportSettigs property.

Introduced: 15.0.


public PDFImportSettings PDFImportSettings { get; set; }
Public Property PDFImportSettings() As PDFImportSettings


Member Description
GenerateLines Text only,images and paragraph formatting are discarded. This option is best suited for searching PDF files.
GenerateParagraphs Generates paragraphs from the text flow. Images are discarded.
GenerateTextFrames Default. Uses tables, images and text frames to create a document that best matches the original document's appearance.
GenerateTextFramesFirstPageOnly Same as GenerateTextFrames, but only the first page is loaded. Can be used for previewing the document.
GenerateXML Obsolete. This setting will be removed in a future version. Use LoadEmbeddedData instead.
LoadEmbeddedData Provides the PDF document's metadata, form fields and text coordinates through the LoadSettings.EmbeddedData property.
LoadEmbeddedFiles Default. Files embedded in the PDF document are loaded and provided through the LoadSettings.EmbeddedFiles property.


This example displays an easy way to use the 'TXTextControl.LoadSettings.PDFImportSettings' property. Here, it is set to the value 'GenerateTextFrames', which is also the properties default value.

TXTextControl.LoadSettings ls = new TXTextControl.LoadSettings();
ls.PDFImportSettings = TXTextControl.PDFImportSettings.GenerateTextFrames;
Dim ls As TXTextControl.LoadSettings = New TXTextControl.LoadSettings()
ls.PDFImportSettings = TXTextControl.PDFImportSettings.GenerateTextFrames


PDF only.