Redistributable Files

You must ensure that all necessary files exist on your client's machine. The files in the following lists can be found in the \Assembly folder of your TX Barcode .NET installation directory.

For a Windows Forms or a WPF application all necessary files must be copied into the same folder as your application's executable program file. When deploying an ASP.NET application, these files must be copied into the ASP.NET Bin folder.

TX Barcode .NET Windows Forms Components (\Assembly subdirectory):

  • TXBarcode.Windows.Forms.dll (5.0.400.500)

TX Barcode .NET WPF Components (\Assembly subdirectory):

  • TXBarcode.WPF.dll (5.0.400.500)

TX Barcode .NET core assembly (\Assembly subdirectory):

  • TXBarcode.dll (5.0.400.500)