Working with Dictionaries

TX Spell .NET is designed for the very special requirements of professional word processing applications. Performance is the main aspect when it comes to spell checking. Depending on the used dictionaries, TX Spell .NET is able to check more than 40.000 words in less than a second on average. This performance allows TX Spell .NET to be used with more dictionaries at the same time which enables users to check multi-language documents.

Default Dictionary Folder

Integrating TX Spell .NET into a Visual Studio project is very easy. The default settings and shipped dictionaries allow developers to create applications without any specific dictionary settings. TX Spell .NET checks the default Dictionaries subfolder for valid dictionaries. On the development machine, the Dictionaries folder is located in the \Assembly\Dictionaries subdirectory in the TX Spell .NET installation directory. When the application is deployed to an end-user's machine, the Dictionaries directory is a direct subfolder of the application's root folder.

The DictionaryCollection contains all initialized dictionaries. To enable a dictionary, it must be added to this collection.

The TXSpell.Language property is set to "(Auto)" when the TXSpellChecker has been created on a form.

The dictionary of the language of the application environment will be added to the TXSpell.Dictionaries collection automatically. If the default dictionary folder does not contain such a dictionary, a dictionary will be chosen, which corresponds roughly to the environment language (e.g. the application environment is "en_GB", but the default dictionary folder only contains an "en_US" and a "de_DE" dictionary. In this case the "en_US" dictionary will be chosen.). In all other cases (e.g. a German environment, but no German dictionary available) the "en_US" dictionary or (if no "en_US" dictionary available) the first dictionary inside the default dictionary folder will be loaded.

Each Dictionary has a Dictionary.IsSpellCheckingEnabled property which must be set to true (default) in order to enable this dictionary in the DictionaryCollection. This property can be used to control whether the dictionary should be used for spell checking or not. This makes it possible to add a specific dictionary which is disabled, but used for creating the suggestions.