Sets an object of type TXTextControl.TextControl or text for user interface based spelling correction. Furthermore, overloads of the method determine and set a specific incorrect or misspelled (TXTextControl.MisspelledWord) word based on a specific text position to handle it by the SpellingCorrectionUIProvider.


public void SetCurrent(object textControl);
Public Sub SetCurrent(textControl As Object)


public void SetCurrent(string text);
Public Sub SetCurrent(text As String)


Parameter Description
text The text that is handled by the SpellingCorrectionUIProvider.
textControl The object of type TXTextControl.TextControl that is handled by the SpellingCorrectionUIProvider.

Return Value

SetCurrent methods including a textPosition parameter return true if the corresponding CurrentWordToCorrect property is changed on calling this method. Otherwise false.


Throws an exception if the IsOptionsSettings property is set to true.