Resource Kit

TX Spell .NET offers a Resource Kit that enables developers to display TX Spell .NET's user interface parts in languages other than English and German. English and German are the built-in resources and cannot be changed. All other languages are possible with the satellite assembly mechanism the prefered mechanism for localization within the .NET Framework. The following describes how to build a satellite assembly.

TX Spell .NET Resources

TX Spell .NET has built-in dialog boxes and error strings. The language used for the parts of the .NET Framework depend on the current system language. Therefore, the built-in TX Spell .NET resources follow this mechanism and also depend on the current system language. For example, if a developer builds a satellite assembly for French, the French resources are only loaded if the current system language is also French.

Resource Kit Files

The ResourceKit directory, which is a subdirectory of your TX Spell .NET main installation directory, contains all necessary files. The TXSpell.resx file contains all built-in resources in a human readable XML format. All parts of dialog boxes appear as strings.

The buildres.bat file is a command line batch file that calls the command line tools of the .NET Framework SDK necessary to build the satellite assembly.

The txtextcontrol.public.snk file contains Text Control's public key also necessary to build the satellite assembly.

Building the Satellite Assembly

To build a satellite assembly for TX Spell .NET, perform the following tasks:

1. Install at least the .NET Framework SDK.

2. Translate all the text resources in the TXSpell.resx file. The text resources are the contents of the value tags.

3. Call the buildres.bat batch file with the two letter language code specified through ISO 639 as parameter (for example French: buildres fr). The batch process builds the satellite assembly file TXSpell.resources.dll.

Installing the Satellite Assembly

The newly created assembly must be located in a subdirectory of your application's installation directory, which must contain all necessary TX Spell .NET files. The name of the subdirectory must be the two letter language code. For example to install a French satellite assembly create a subdirectoryfr and copy TXSpell.resources.dll to this directory.

Additionally, create the following registry key to ensure that the .NET Framework uses custom builds of satellite assemblies with your application: