An instance of the DictionaryCollection class contains all initialized dictionaries represented through objects which are inherited from the abstract class Dictionary. It is inherited from the abstract class System.Collections.CollectionBase and implements the System.Collections.IEnumerable and System.Collections.IEnumerator interfaces. For a list of properties, methods and events of these classes and interfaces see the .NET Framework reference. TX Spell .NET provides the OpenOfficeDictionary and UserDictionary classes to create dictionaries that are compatible with the DictionaryCollection class.


public sealed class DictionaryCollection: CollectionBase, IEnumerable, IEnumerator
Public NotInheritable Class DictionaryCollection
  Inherits CollectionBase
  Implements IEnumerable
  Implements IEnumerator


Method Description
Add Adds objects of the type Dictionary to the collection and validates them for spell checking and suggestion operations.
GetItem Gets a particular dictionary from the collection by using the specified name.
Remove Removes objects of the type Dictionary from the collection and invalidate them for spell checking and suggestion operations.


Property Description
HasEditableUserDictionaries Gets a value indicating whether the dictionary collection contains editable user dictionaries.
Item Gets a Dictionary from the collection.
LoadDictionaryDelayed Gets or sets a value indicating whether a dictionary is loaded on adding to the TXSpell.Dictionaries dictionary collection partially or not.