Adds an embedded text file to the collection.

<void> EmbeddedFileCollection.addTextFile(<string> fileName, <string> data, [<string> metaData], [<EmptyRequestCallback> callback], [<ErrorCallback> errorCallback])


Parameter Description
fileName Specifies the file's name.
data Specifies the file's data as a string.
metaData Optional. Specifies additional metadata with properties of the document which is embedded. The data is added to the metadata of the containing document. The string must consist of one or more rdf:Description elements as specified by the XMP Specification (XMP: Extensible Metadata Platform, Adobe Systems Incorporated) or the RDF Model and Syntax Specification ( rdf is the XML namespace prefix for the "" namespace. It can be null or an empty string, if there is no additional meta data to embed.
callback Optional. Is called when the operation completed.
errorCallback Optional. Is called when the operation failed with an error.