Creates and inserts a new image which is anchored to the specified text position. It has the specified horizontal alignment and a textflow which is given through the insertionMode parameter. Anchored image are moved with the text.

<void> ImageCollection.addAnchored(<string> imageData, <HorizontalAlignment> horizontalAlignment, <number> textPosition, <ImageInsertionMode> insertionMode, [<RequestImageCallback> callback], [<ErrorCallback> errorCallback])


Parameter Description
imageData The base64 encoded image data.
horizontalAlignment Specifies the image's horizontal alignment.
textPosition Specifies the text position at which the image is to be inserted. If -1 is specified, the image is inserted at the current input position.
insertionMode Specifies how the text flow is handled.
callback Optional. The newly created image object is returned via this callback function.
errorCallback Optional. Is called when the operation failed with an error.

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