Obsolete. This method will be removed in one of the next versions. Inserts a new image which has a fixed geometrical position in the document. This position is specified through a page number and a location on this page.

<void> ImageCollection.addAtFixedPosition(<string> imageData, <number> pageNumber, <Point> location, <ImageInsertionMode> insertionMode, [<ErrorCallback> errorCallback])


Parameter Description
imageData The base64 encoded image data.
pageNumber Specifies the number of a page beginning with 1 where the image is located.
location Specifies the location, in twips, at which the image is to be inserted. This is a location relative to the top left corner either of a page or of a paragraph.
insertionMode Specifies how the text flow is handled.
errorCallback Optional. Is called when the operation failed with an error.

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