Obsolete. This method will be removed in one of the next versions. Removes a SubTextPart from the TextPart.

Introduced: X16.

<void> TextPart.removeSubTextPart(<function> callback, [<boolean> keepText], [<boolean> keepNested], [<SubTextPartInfo> subTextPart])


Parameter Description
callback A function with one parameter. Is called with a boolean value as parameter, which indicates whether the SubTextPart was succesfully removed, as soon as the information has been retrieved from the server.
keepText Optional. If this parameter is set to true, the subtextpart is removed without deleting its visible text. Otherwise, the visible text is also removed.
keepNested Optional. If this parameter is set to true, nested subtextparts are preserved. When the keepText parameter is set to false, this parameter is ignored.
subTextPart Optional. Specifies which SubTextPart should removed from the TextPart. If this parameter is undefined then the SubTextPart at the current input position will be removed.