Determines whether the frame can be resized at run time with the built-in mouse interface.


public bool Sizeable { get; set; }
Public Property Sizeable() As Boolean


The following example shows a FrameBase class with its three properties. The frameBase name is "points", can be resized at runtime with the built-in mouse interface,and is left aligned.

TXTextControl.FrameBase frameBase = new TXTextControl.FrameBase();

frameBase.Name  = "points";
frameBase.Sizeable = true;
frameBase.Alignment = TXTextControl.HorizontalAlignment.Left;
Dim frameBase As TXTextControl.FrameBase = New TXTextControl.FrameBase()

frameBase.Name  = "points"
frameBase.Sizeable = True
frameBase.Alignment = TXTextControl.HorizontalAlignment.Left