Gets or sets the italic attribute of the selected text.


public bool Italic { get; set; }
Public Property Italic() As Boolean


The following example uses Italic property to set the Italic attribute of the selected text. The text in this case is "TX Text Control".

textControl1.Text = "TX Text Control";

TXTextControl.Selection mySel = new TXTextControl.Selection(3, 4);

mySel.Bold   = true;
mySel.Italic = true;

textControl1.Selection = mySel;
TextControl1.Text = "TX Text Control"

Dim mySel as TXTextControl.Selection = New TXTextControl.Selection(3, 4)

mySel.Bold   = True
mySel.Italic = True

TextControl1.Selection = mySel


Runtime only.


The property's default value is false.

The property returns its default value when the text selection contains multiple characters with mixed setting. The Selection.IsCommonValueSelected method can be used to check for mixed attributes.