An object of the SelectionFormField class represents a combobox or a drop-down list on a form. It can be initially empty and it can have a horizontal extension, when it is empty. Depending on the Editable property the SelectionFormField either is a combobox or a drop-down list.


public class SelectionFormField : FormField
Public Class SelectionFormField
  Inherits FormField

Introduced: X18.


Constructor Description
SelectionFormField Initializes a new instance of the SelectionFormField class.


Method Description
FormFieldDialog Opens a dialog box to alter the formatting attributes of the form field.
(Inherited from FormField)


Property Description
EmptyWidth Gets or sets the horizontal extension, in twips, of the SelectionFormField, when there is no selected item.
Enabled Gets or set a value indicating whether the form field is enabled.
(Inherited from FormField)
IsDropDownArrowVisible Gets or sets a value indicating wheather a dropdown arrow is shown so that the user can select an item.
Items Gets or sets a list of items for the SelectionFormField.
SelectedIndex Gets or sets the index of the selected item of the SelectionFormField.

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