An instance of the DialogViewGenerator class can be used to visualize a built-in dialog box through an image. It manages a ServerVisualization.UserInput and a ServerVisualization.View object. These objects can be used to inform the generator about user input and to get a generated view depending on the input.


public class DialogViewGenerator : Component
Public Class DialogViewGenerator
Inherits Component

Introduced: X11.


Event Description
CaretStateChanged Occurs when the state of the caret (size, position, visibility) has been changed.
Closed Occurs after the dialog box has been closed through clicking the Ok or Cancel button.
ShowDialogBox Occurs when the dialog box should show a further dialog box.
ShowErrorMessage Occurs when the dialog box should show an error message.


Property Description
ActivationState Gets or sets a value indicating the dialog box's activation state.
Caption Gets the dialog box's caption.
UserInput Gets the dialog box's UserInput object, which can be used to inform the dialog box about user input.
View Gets the dialog box's View object, which informs about view changes and provides an image of the dialog box's current state.