Gets a value which determines whether the change is the result of scrolling, either through setting the view's location in the document or through autoscrolling initiated through the control when the input position leaves the visible part of the document.


public ServerVisualization.ScrollOrientation ScrollOrientation { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property ScrollOrientation() As ServerVisualization.ScrollOrientation


Member Description
None The changes are not the result of a scroll operation. The rectangular area is added to the view's update region.
HorizontalScroll The view has been scrolled horizontally. The ScrollDistance property determines the amount. When the system, which shows the view's image allows scrolling, the appropriate scrolling function can be used to avoid repainting the complete view. The ClipRectangle property gets the clipping rectangle of the part which must be repainted.
VerticalScroll The view has been scrolled vertically.


Read only.