A SubTextPart object represents a user-defined part of a TX Text Control document. A TX Text Control document consists of the main text, and additionally other pieces of text such as text frames and headers or footers, called textparts. A programmer can define further parts called subtextparts to perform operations on smaller pieces of text. Each of the main textparts has a SubTextPartCollection which can be used to add and remove subtextparts or to save the subtextpart's text.


public class SubTextPart
Public Class SubTextPart

Introduced: X13.


Constructor Description
SubTextPart Initializes a new instance of the SubTextPart class.


Method Description
GetChildren Returns an array of SubTextPart objects which are the children of this SubTextPart.
GetTextFields Returns an array of TextField objects which are completely contained in this SubTextPart.
Save Saves the subtextpart's text with the specified format.
ScrollTo Sets the current input position to the beginning of a subtextpart and scrolls it into the visible part of the document.


Property Description
Data Gets or sets additional data of the subtextpart.
HighlightColor Gets or sets the highlight color for the subtextpart.
HighlightMode Gets or sets a value indicating when the subtextpart is highlighted.
ID Gets or sets the subtextpart's identifier.
Length Gets the number of characters which belong to the subtextpart.
Name Gets or sets the name of the subtextpart.
NestedLevel Gets the subtextpart's nested level.
Number Gets the subtextpart's number.
OuterMostSubTextPart Gets a subtextpart's outermost subtextpart.
OuterSubTextPart Gets a subtextpart's outer subtextpart.
Start Gets the index (one-based) of the first character which belongs to the subtextpart.
Text Gets the subtextpart's text.

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