Returns or sets the text which is contained within a text field. This property is not supported for the DocumentTarget class.


public string Text { get; set; }
Public Property Text() As String


The following example uses Text property to return the text contained within a text field i.e. = "TX Text Control".

TXTextControl.TextField field = new TXTextControl.TextField("Product");
field.Name = "product";

foreach (TXTextControl.TextField curfield in textControl1.TextFields)
    if (curfield.Name == "product")
        curfield.Text = "TX Text Control";
Dim field As TXTextControl.TextField = New TXTextControl.TextField("Product")
field.Name = "product"

For Each curField As TXTextControl.TextField In TextControl1.TextFields
    If curField.Name = "product" Then
       curField.Text = "TX Text Control"
    End If

Further Reading

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