Concepts: Master-Detail Views - Nested Repeating Blocks

A master-detail relationship is a 1:n (one-to-many) type relationship.

Nested Repeating Blocks

A typical example for such a relationship is a purchase order and a set of items that belongs to each purchase order. This allows you to create complex nested reports in a very easy way.

TX Text Control's repeating blocks can be nested in unlimited levels and are inserted in the same way like usual merge blocks.

Each block has a unique name that matches the name of a DataTable in the merge data. If nested blocks with an existing DataRelation are recognized, they are combined automatically. The following screenshot shows the concept of nested blocks and the data relations:


The complete table is the outer block representing article groups. The inner block is marked in darker red which represents the articles.

Looking at the merged results show that the articles are mapped automatically:


The Merge Data Structure

In the above sample, the block data consists of two tables with a unique relationship (article_group_id):


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