Concepts: Merge Blocks

Merge blocks are used to repeat content bound to a specific data source. For each data row in the defined data source, the merge block is repeated.

Repeating Merge Blocks: Repeat Content

Each merge block can contain merge fields that are populated with data from a specified data source. The block is repeated based on the number of data rows that apply.

A merge block is not limited to it's content - it can consist of a table row, a complete table, paragraphs, images or text frames.

Given that a data source is selected in the Template Designer, the following steps show how to insert a merge block:

1. Open TX Text Control Words and open the sample database.

2. Click the Insert Merge Block drop-down button to open the list of available tables and select your desired table.

3. In the opened dialog, choose the included table columns and confirm with OK.


The Template Designer automatically inserts a table row with the required SubTextPart range to define the beginning and the end of a repeating block.

SubTextParts have a special naming, so that TX Text Control's MailMerge class can find the blocks and connected data. The name of the SubTextPart begins with txmb_ + the name of the merge block.

You can apply some formatting to the text and the table. The whole block is cloned including it's formatting and style.

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