The DeleteBookmarksDialog class implements a Windows Forms dialog box which shows all targets in the current document. The user can jump to a target or can delete one or more targets. Each item of the dialog box has a name, available through its Name property, which corresponds with a member of the DeleteBookmarksDialog.DialogItem enumeration. The DeleteBookmarksDialog.FindItem method can be used to get a certain item and manipulate, move or delete it. The DeleteBookmarksDialog is a modal dialog box which must be shown with the DeleteBookmarksDialog.ShowDialog method.


public class DeleteBookmarksDialog : System.Windows.Forms.Form
Public Class DeleteBookmarksDialog
  Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form

Introduced: X13.


The following example creates an DeleteBookmarksDialog object as dlg and shows the dialog box.

TXTextControl.DeleteBookmarksDialog dlg = new TXTextControl.DeleteBookmarksDialog(textControl1); 
Dim dlg As New TXTextControl.DeleteBookmarksDialog(TextControl1) 


Constructor Description
DeleteBookmarksDialog Creates a DeleteBookmarksDialog object for the specified Windows Forms TextControl.


Enumeration Description
DialogItem Each DialogItem represents an item in a DeleteBookmarksDialog dialog box.


Method Description
FindItem Finds a control that has the provided identifier name.