Gets or sets a value specifying whether the document can be formatted. The default setting of this property is true. To use formatting styles, the AllowFormattingStyles property must also be set to true.


public bool AllowFormatting { get; set; }
Public Property AllowFormatting() As Boolean


The following example shows the DocumentPermissions class. Here, the AllowFormatting property is set to false in order to prevent the formatting of the document.

textControl1.EditMode = TXTextControl.EditMode.ReadAndSelect;
TXTextControl.DocumentPermissions document = new TXTextControl.DocumentPermissions();
document.AllowFormatting = false;
TextControl1.EditMode = TXTextControl.EditMode.ReadAndSelect
Dim document As TXTextControl.DocumentPermissions = New TXTextControl.DocumentPermissions()
document.AllowFormatting = False