The MergeBlockInfo class is used to insert a table or paragraph based repeating merge block into a TextControl instance using the DataSourceManager.InsertMergeBlock method.


public class MergeBlockInfo
Public Class MergeBlockInfo

Introduced: X14.


Constructor Description
MergeBlockInfo Initializes a new instance of the MergeBlockInfo class.


Method Description
Apply Stores the meta data (filters, sorting instructions and the block merging condition) in the SubTextPart which represents the block.


Property Description
BlockMergingCondition Gets or sets a condition the parent data row of this merge block has to satisfy so that this merge block is merged at all.
ChildBlocks Gets or sets the list of merge blocks nested inside this merge block.
ColumnNames Gets or sets the list of data column names which represent the merge fields this merge block consists of.
Filters Gets or sets a list of filter instructions which are used to filter the data rows before merging.
MergeFields Returns the merge fields inside this merge block excluding fields in possible nested merge blocks.
SortingInstructions Gets or sets a list of sorting instructions which are used to sort the data rows before merging.
TableName Gets the table name of this merge block.

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