The DataSourceExtractionDialog class allows the user to save an excerpt from the currently loaded data source. An upper limit of extracted data rows can be specified in the dialog. It works only with data provider based data sources and throws an exception when called with any other loaded data source type. The DataSourceExtractionDialog is a modal dialog box which must be shown with the DataSourceExtractionDialog.ShowDialog method.


public class DataSourceExtractionDialog : System.Windows.Forms.Form
Public Class DataSourceExtractionDialog
  Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form

Introduced: X14.


Constructor Description
DataSourceExtractionDialog Creates a DataSourceExtractionDialog object for the specified DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.


Property Description
FileName Returns the file name of the file into which the data source excerpt has been saved.
MaxRows Returns the maximum number of data rows from the selected table which were saved into the excerpt file.
SelectedTable Returns a description of the table which was selected by the user to be exported.