The DocumentTarget class represents a text position in a Text Control document that can be a target of a document link or a bookmark. For more information see the technical article Text Fields and Hypertext Links.


public class DocumentTarget
Public Class DocumentTarget


Constructor Description
DocumentTarget Creates a new instance of the DocumentTarget class.


Method Description
ScrollTo Sets the current text input position to the target's position and scrolls it into the visible part of the document.


Property Description
Bounds Gets the bounding rectangle of a target.
ContainsInputPosition Returns true, if the target's position is the same as the current text input position.
Deleteable Specifies whether the target can be deleted by the end-user while the document is being edited.
ID Gets or sets an identifier for the document target.
Name Relates a user-defined name to a target, that can be any kind of text in addition to the target's TargetName.
Start Gets the character position (one-based) of the target.
TargetName Gets or sets the target name.