Enumerates errors which can occur when a text filter is used to convert a TX Text Control document to or from another format. It contains the following values:


Member Description
WrongFileType The file type is not supported through the filter.
BadToken There is a logical error in the file.
OutOfMemory Unable to allocate enough memory.
CannotRead File read error.
CannotWrite File write error.
CannotOpen Unable to open the file.
FileTooBig The input file is too big.
Unsupported Unsupported format version.
Internal Unspecified internal error.
Obsolete The filter is obsolete.
NotWellFormed The file contains not well-formed syntax.
Encrypted The document cannot be imported because the used encryption scheme is not supported.
NonEmbeddableFont The document cannot be saved, because it contains a non-embeddable font.
InvalidCertificate The specified certificate is invalid or has no private key.
InvalidTimeServer The specified time server does not exist or retrieves invalid data.
InvalidPassword The specified user-password is invalid.