Gets or sets the distances, in twips, between the frame and the document's text. The property's value is an array of four variables specifying the distances in the following order: left, top, right and bottom. If a value is set to -1, it is not changed.


public int[] TextDistances { get; set; }
Public Property TextDistances() As Integer()


This example describes how to use the 'TextDistances' property. Here, an array is filled with four values specifying the distances for: left, top, right and bottom.

TXTextControl.FrameBase frameBase = new TXTextControl.FrameBase();

frameBase.Name = "points";
frameBase.Moveable = true;
frameBase.Alignment = TXTextControl.HorizontalAlignment.Center;
frameBase.TextDistances = new int[] {1,1,1,-1}; // these values are for: {left,top,right,bottom}
Dim frameBase As TXTextControl.FrameBase = New TXTextControl.FrameBase()
frameBase.Name = "points"
frameBase.Moveable = True
frameBase.Alignment = TXTextControl.HorizontalAlignment.Center
frameBase.TextDistances = New Integer() {1, 1, 1, -1} ' these values are for: {left,top,right,bottom}