Gets a particular header or footer from the collection. If the specified header or footer does not exist in the collection an ArgumentException is thrown.


public HeaderFooter GetItem(HeaderFooterType headerFooterType);
Public Function GetItem(ByVal headerFooterType As HeaderFooterType) As HeaderFooter


Parameter Description
headerFooterType Specifies the header or footer to return. It can be a value of the HeaderFooterType enumeration:
Event Description
Header Returns the header. If an even header exists, the returned object represents the odd header. Otherwise, it represents the header of all pages.
FirstPageHeader Returns the special header of the document's first page.
Footer Returns the footer. If an even footer exists, the returned object represents the odd footer. Otherwise, it represents the footer of all pages.
FirstPageFooter Returns the special footer of the document's first page.
EvenHeader Returns the even header.
EvenFooter Returns the even footer.