Each DialogItem represents an item in a HyperlinkDialog dialog box. The corresponding string of a DialogItem is the same as the item's Name property. The DialogItem enumeration can be used with the HyperlinkDialog.FindItem method to get the item and manipulate it.


Member Description
TXITEM_HyperlinkTextLabel Identifies the Hyperlink text label.
TXITEM_HyperlinkText Identifies the Hyperlink text edit control.
TXITEM_HyperlinkLabel Identifies the Hyperlink label.
TXITEM_Hyperlink Identifies the Hyperlink edit control.
TXITEM_SelectFile Identifies the Select File button.
TXITEM_BookmarkListLabel Identifies the bookmark list label.
TXITEM_BookmarkList Identifies the bookmark listbox.
TXITEM_ShowBookmarks Identifies the Show Bookmarks label.
TXITEM_CurrentDocument Identifies the Current Document radio button.
TXITEM_SelectedFile Identifies the Selected File radio button.
TXITEM_AutoGenerationBookmarks Identifies the Automatically Generated Bookmarks check box.
TXITEM_DeleteHyperlink Identifies the Delete Hyperlink button.
TXITEM_OK Identifies the OK button.
TXITEM_Cancel Identifies the Cancel button.