Gets or sets the number format for a structured list at the current input position. If text is selected, the property specifies this attribute for the whole selected text. This property determines the number format for the StructuredList property. The property's value is a member of the NumberFormat enumeration.


public NumberFormat StructuredListFormat { get; set; }
Public Property StructuredListFormat() As NumberFormat


Member Description
ArabicNumbers The list is numbered with Arabic numbers (1, 2, 3...).
Letters The list is numbered with letters (a, b, c...).
CapitalLetters The list is numbered with capital letters (A, B, C...).
RomanNumbers The list is numbered with Roman numbers (I, II, III...).
SmallRomanNumbers The list is numbered with small Roman numbers (i, ii, iii...).


The property's default value is NumberFormat.ArabicNumbers.

The property returns NumberFormat.None, if the text selection has no common number format.