Creates a new instance of the InputPosition class.

InputPosition(Int, Int, Int)

public InputPosition(int page, int line, int column);
Public Sub New(ByVal page As Integer, ByVal line As Integer, ByVal column As Integer)


public InputPosition(int textPosition);
Public Sub New(ByVal textPosition As Integer)

InputPosition(Int, TextFieldPosition)

public InputPosition(int textPosition, TextFieldPosition textFieldPosition);
Public Sub New(ByVal textPosition As Integer, ByVal textFieldPosition As TextFieldPosition)


public InputPosition(System.Drawing.Point location);
Public Sub New(ByVal location As System.Drawing.Point)


Parameter Description
page Specifies a page number.
line Specifies a line number.
column Specifies a column number. The first column is zero.
textPosition Specifies a text position. The first position is zero.
textFieldPosition If the textPosition parameter is a position at the beginning or at the end of a TextField with a doubled input position, this parameter can be used to define whether the position is inside or outside the field. It can be one of the values of the TextFieldPosition enumeration.
location Specifies a geometric location. The point must be specified in pixels with an origin at the top left corner of the control.

See Also

Selection Class, TextField Class, TextField.DoubledInputPosition Property.