SpreadsheetML only. Gets or sets the name of the part of the document to be loaded. Each SpreadsheetML document can contain multiple named worksheets. This property can be used to select a certain worksheet. The LoadSettings.GetDocumentPartNames method returns a list of all worksheet names. When this property is null, which is the deafault value, the first worksheet in loaded. When this property is an empty string, a dialog box is opened showing the names of all worksheets the document contains. The end-user can then select the worksheet to be loaded.

Introduced: X16.


public string DocumentPartName { get; set; }
Public Property DocumentPartName() As String


This example shows a simple variant of how to use the 'TXTextControl.LoadSettings.DocumentPartName' property. Here, it is set to a user defined name.

TXTextControl.LoadSettings ls = new TXTextControl.LoadSettings();
ls.DocumentPartName = "MySampleDocument_Part_Sales";
Dim ls As TXTextControl.LoadSettings = New TXTextControl.LoadSettings()
ls.DocumentPartName = "MySampleDocument_Part_Sales"


SpreadsheetML only.

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