Gets an image of the page's contents.

Introduced: 15.0.


public System.Drawing.Imaging.Metafile GetImage(PageContent contents)
Public Function GetImage(ByVal Contents As PageContent) As System.Drawing.Imaging.Metafile

GetImage(Int, PageContent)

public System.Drawing.Imaging.Bitmap GetImage(int zoomFactor, PageContent contents)
Public Function GetImage(ByVal ZoomFactor As Integer, ByVal Contents As PageContent) As System.Drawing.Imaging.Bitmap

GetImage(PageContent, Int)

public string GetImage(PageContent contents, int iMaxImageResolution)
Public Function GetImage(ByVal contents As PageContent, ByVal iMaxImageResolution As Integer) As String


Parameter Description
zoomFactor Specifies a zooming factor in percent.
contents Specifies the image's contents. It can be one or more of the values of the PageContent enumeration.
iMaxImageResolution Specifies a maximum resolution value, in dots per inch, for images in pixel-formats. All of these images are embedded in Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format.


When an SVG is added to the TextControl's ImageCollection, its original content is embedded unchanged in the SVG created with the GetImage method. This includes all script data that was part of the added SVG image.