Gets or sets an array containing the tab types in a paragraph.


public TabType[] TabTypes { get; set; }
Public Property TabTypes() As TabType()


Member Description
LeftTab The tab position is at the left side of the text.
RightTab The tab position is at the right side of the text.
CenterTab The text is centered to the tab position.
DecimalTab The decimal sign is aligned at the tab position.
RightBorderTab The tab is positioned right most and the text is diplayed at the left of this position. The tab position set with the TabPositions property is ignored. Only one tab of this kind is possible in a paragraph.


The following example uses the TabTypes property so that the text is centered to the tab position.

TXTextControl.ParagraphFormat paragraphFormat = new TXTextControl.ParagraphFormat();

paragraphFormat.Alignment       = TXTextControl.HorizontalAlignment.Center;
paragraphFormat.Frame           = TXTextControl.Frame.Box;
paragraphFormat.TabTypes =  new TXTextControl.TabType[]{TXTextControl.TabType.LeftTab};

textControl1.Selection.ParagraphFormat = paragraphFormat;
Dim paragraphFormat As TXTextControl.ParagraphFormat = New TXTextControl.ParagraphFormat()

paragraphFormat.Alignment       = TXTextControl.HorizontalAlignment.Center
paragraphFormat.Frame           = TXTextControl.Frame.Box
paragraphFormat.TabTypes = New TXTextControl.TabType() {TXTextControl.TabType.LeftTab}

TextControl1.Selection.ParagraphFormat = paragraphFormat


The maximum number of tabs in a parapgraph is 14.


The default type is TabType.LeftTab.

The property returns an array with common values when the text selection contains multiple paragraphs with mixed types. The remaining not common values are set to zero. If all values are different, the Selection.IsCommonValueSelected method returns false.

Further Reading

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