Gets or sets the unit of the ruler bar's scale.


public RulerBarScaleUnit ScaleUnit { get; set; }
Public Property ScaleUnit As RulerBarScaleUnit


Member Description
Auto The ruler is automatically scaled in inch or in millimeter depending on the currently set culture.
Centimeter The ruler bar is scaled in centimeter without millimeter marks.
Inch The ruler bar is scaled in inch.
Millimeter The ruler bar is scaled in centimeter including millimeter marks.


The following example uses the ScaleUnit property and sets its value to Auto for automated scaling of ruler in inch or in millimeter.

TXTextControl.RulerBar  rulerBar = new TXTextControl.RulerBar();

rulerBar.Alignment     = TXTextControl.RulerBarAlignment.Top;
rulerBar.BorderStyle   = TXTextControl.RulerBarBorderStyle.Flat;
rulerBar.FormulaMode   = TXTextControl.RulerBarFormulaMode.Auto;
rulerBar.DisplayColors = TXTextControl.RulerBar.Colors.White;
rulerBar.ScaleUnit     = TXTextControl.RulerBarScaleUnit.Auto;
Dim rulerBar As TXTextControl.RulerBar = New TXTextControl.RulerBar()

rulerBar.Alignment     = TXTextControl.RulerBarAlignment.Top
rulerBar.BorderStyle   = TXTextControl.RulerBarBorderStyle.Flat
rulerBar.FormulaMode   = TXTextControl.RulerBarFormulaMode.Auto
rulerBar.DisplayColors = TXTextControl.RulerBar.Colors.White
rulerBar.ScaleUnit     = TXTextControl.RulerBarScaleUnit.Auto
End Sub