Specifies how a document can be accessed after it has been opened. This property has only an effect if also a password has been specified with the SaveSettings.MasterPassword property. If no password has been specified the document can be accessed without any restrictions. The property's value can be a bitwise combination of more than one of the described values.

Introduced: 11.0.


public DocumentAccessPermissions DocumentAccessPermissions { get; set; }
Public Property DocumentAccessPermissions() As DocumentAccessPermissions


Member Description
None Allows none of the possible permissions.
AllowAll Allows all of the possible permissions.
AllowAuthoring Allows authoring comments and fill in interactive form fields (including signature fields).
AllowAuthoringFields Fill-in existing interactive form fields (including signature fields) is allowed.
AllowContentAccessibility Allows content access for the visually impaired only.
AllowDocumentAssembly Allows to assemble the document (insert, rotate or delete pages and create bookmarks or thumbnails).
AllowExtractContents Copying or otherwise extracting text and/or graphics is allowed.
AllowGeneralEditing Allows modifying the document's contents.
AllowHighLevelPrinting Printing the document is fully allowed.
AllowLowLevelPrinting Printing the document is allowed (low-level).


PDF only.