Invokes the built-in dialog box for alter the layout settings, the size and the text distances of a signature field. This dialog can only be invoked, if a signature field has been selected.

Introduced: 31.0.


public DialogResult SignatureFieldLayoutDialog();
Public Function SignatureFieldLayoutDialog() As DialogResult


public DialogResult SignatureFieldLayoutDialog(int activeTab);
Public Function SignatureFieldLayoutDialog(activeTab as Integer) As DialogResult


Parameter Description
activeTab Specifies the index of the tab, zero-based, that is displayed when the tabbed dialog box is opened. If this parameter is 0, the dialog box shows the tab for setting text wrapping and layout attributes, if this parameter is 1, the dialog box shows the tab for setting size and distances and if it is 2, the dialog shows the tab for setting the signature image's saving attributes. 2 can only be used, if an signature image has been set.

Return Value

If the dialog has been left with the Cancel button the return value is DialogResult.Cancel. Otherwise, it is DialogResult.OK.