Gets or sets the mode how Text Control displays a document.


public ViewMode ViewMode { get; set; }
Public Property ViewMode() As ViewMode


Member Description
FloatingText The Text Control has a vertical scrollbar to enable unlimited text content. The maximum horizontal text extent is the horizontal size of the control. The values of the PageSize and PageMargins properties are ignored. Headers and footers are not displayed.
Normal The Text Control has scrollbars and text is formatted according to the settings of the PageSize and the PageMargins properties. Headers and footers can be inserted but they are not displayed.
PageView Text is formatted like in Normal view mode, and additionally the Text Control displays the pages in 3D view with gaps and a desktop background. Headers and footers are displayed in WYSIWYG mode.
SimpleControl Text is formatted according to the horizontal and vertical extent of the control. If the control is 'full', no further text can be inserted.

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