Gets a certain text part from the collection.


public object GetItem();
Public Function GetItem() As System.Object


public object GetItem(out System.Drawing.Point clientOffset);
Public Function GetItem(ByRef clientOffset As System.Drawing.Point) As System.Object

GetItem(System.Drawing.Point, Out)

public object GetItem(System.Drawing.Point location, out System.Drawing.Point clientOffset);
Public Function GetItem(ByVal location As System.Drawing.Point, ByRef clientOffset As System.Drawing.Point) As System.Object


Parameter Description
clientOffset Retrieves the text part's offset, in pixels, in the TextControl's client area.
location Specifies a location where to search for a text part. The point must be specified in pixels with an origin at the top left corner of the control.

Return Value

The return value is the found text part, which is either the text part with the input focus or the text part at the specified location. It can be an object of the type MainText, TextFrame, FootnoteSection or HeaderFooter. All of these objects implement the IFormattedText interface. The first and the second implementation return null, if there is no text part with the input focus. This can happen, if an image is selected, or if another application or component has the input focus.