The Ribbon class is a command bar that organizes the features of an application into a series of tabs at the top of the application window. It replaces both the traditional menu bar and toolbars. It hosts an Application Menu, and one or more RibbonTab controls. These controls then host a variety of button and menu controls that enable access to application commands. To add or remove objects of type RibbonTab it is recommended to use the Ribbon's Controls property. The Ribbon class is inherited from the System.Windows.Forms.TabControl class. The following describes only the properties, methods and events defined through the Ribbon class. For a list of properties, methods and events inherited from the System.Windows.Forms.TabControl class see the .NET Framework reference. A ribbon can be connected with a TextControl through the TextControl.Ribbon property.


public class Ribbon : System.Windows.Forms.TabControl
Public Class Ribbon
  Inherits System.Windows.Forms.TabControl

Introduced: X14.


The following example shows a Ribbon class. The class uses its Color property and sets the value of the property to White.

TXTextControl.Windows.Forms.Ribbon.Ribbon ribbon = 
new TXTextControl.Windows.Forms.Ribbon.Ribbon();
ribbon.DisplayColors  = TXTextControl.Windows.Forms.Ribbon.Ribbon.Colors.White;
Dim ribbon As TXTextControl.Windows.Forms.Ribbon.Ribbon = 
New TXTextControl.Windows.Forms.Ribbon.Ribbon()

ribbon.DisplayColors = TXTextControl.Windows.Forms.Ribbon.Ribbon.Colors.White


Constructor Description
Ribbon Initializes a new instance of the Ribbon class.


Property Description
ApplicationMenuHelpPaneItems Gets a collection of all items which are displayed on the help pane of the Application Menu.
ApplicationMenuItems Gets a collection of all items which are displayed on the Application Menu.
ContextualTabGroups Gets a collection of all contextual tab groups of this ribbon.
DisplayColors Gets or sets the colors of the ribbon.
HasApplicationMenu Gets or sets a value defining whether the first tab of the ribbon is an application menu.
Minimized Gets or sets a value determining whether the ribbon is shown minimized.
ReadOnly Gets or sets a value determining the ribbon's read only mode.

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