The RibbonComboBox class represents a combobox which is inherited from the System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox class. For a list of properties, methods and events inherited from the System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox class see the .NET Framework reference.


public class RibbonComboBox : System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox
Public Class RibbonComboBox
  Inherits System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox

Introduced: X14.


Constructor Description
RibbonComboBox Initializes a new instance of the RibbonComboBox class.


Property Description
KeyTip Gets or sets the keyboard shortcut of the RibbonComboBox.
ParentCollection Gets the RibbonItemCollection that contains this RibbonComboBox.
ToolTip Gets an object of type RibbonToolTip that displays text when the mouse pointer hovers over the item.