Specifies the standard items of the Quick Access Toolbar. Additional items can be added and removed through a context menu.


public void SetQuickAccessToolbarStandardItems(System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripItem[] items);
Public Sub SetQuickAccessToolbarStandardItems(items As System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripItem())


Parameter Description
items An array of ToolStripItem objects which act as the standard items of the Quick Access Toolbar.


The following example defines 6 buttons as Quick Access Toolbar standard items.

private string[] strQATImages = {"save.png", "open.png", "newpage.png", "undo.png", "redo.png", "print.png" };
int iButtons = strQATImages.Length;
ToolStripButton[] buttons = new ToolStripButton[iButtons];
for (int i=0; i<iButtons; i++) 
    buttons[i] = new ToolStripButton();
    buttons[i].Image = new Bitmap(typeof(RibbonApp), strQATImages[i]);
    switch (i)
        case 0: buttons[i].Click += OnSaveFile; break;
        case 1: buttons[i].Click += OnOpenFile; break;
        case 2: buttons[i].Click += OnNewDocument; break;
        case 3: buttons[i].Click += OnUndo; break;
        case 4: buttons[i].Click += OnRedo; break;
        case 5: buttons[i].Click += OnPrint; break;
Dim strQATImages As String() = {"save.png", "open.png", "newpage.png", "undo.png", "redo.png", "print.png"}
Dim iButtons As Integer = strQATImages.Length
Dim buttons As ToolStripButton() = New ToolStripButton(iButtons - 1) {}
For i As Integer = 0 To iButtons - 1
    buttons(i) = New ToolStripButton()
    buttons(i).Image = New Bitmap(GetType(RibbonApp), strQATImages(i))
    Select Case i
        Case 0
            buttons(i).Click += OnSaveFile
            Exit Select
        Case 1
            buttons(i).Click += OnOpenFile
            Exit Select
        Case 2
            buttons(i).Click += OnNewDocument
            Exit Select
            Case 3
            buttons(i).Click += OnUndo
            Exit Select
        Case 4
            buttons(i).Click += OnRedo
            Exit Select
        Case 5
            buttons(i).Click += OnPrint
            Exit Select
    End Select