New Features

TX Text Control 22.0 provides the following new features:

Web Editor Enhancements

Formatted content can now be copied and pasted from a client application (i.e. MS Word) to the web editor and it is possible now to directly drag and drop document files and images into the text area of the web control. Furthermore the web control's ribbon bar can be collapsed and scrolled horizontally and a dialog box for spell-checking has been added. When a document is printed the browser's printing dialog box is opened directly without using an external window.

Web Editor Programming

In a web editor's document selected text can be exchanged with text in a certain format. The new Web.Selection class and the new Web.TextControl.Selection property enable this feature. The Web editor can be programmed in the browser using JavaScript. For this purpose, the TXTextControl JavaScript object can be used. It allows attaching event handlers to the editor and hiding editor elements like the ruler bars or the status bar.

WPF Control Presentation

The TX TExtControl WPF controls are now inherited from the System.Windows.Controls.Control class instead from the System.Windows.FrameworkElement class. The control itself is now a sealed template of other WPF controls. This enables a better integration in the WPF Framework, so that other framework elements can overlap now a WPF.TextControl or a TX Text Control toolbar.

New WPF Button Bar

The WPF.ButtonBar control is inherited now from the System.Windows.Controls.ToolBar class, containing default buttons and comboboxes as items, accessible through the Items property. These items can be sorted, deleted or moved through programming code, additional items can be added through programming code or the design time collection editor. Also the WPF.ButtonBar can be used now as part of a System.Windows.Controls.ToolBarTray. The Items property replaces the ButtonPositions, ButtonOffsets and ButtonSeparators properties. The button bar's frame can be designed with the inherited BorderBrush and BorderThickness properties, the prior BorderStyle property has been removed.

WPF Ribbon Controls

The new WPF.RibbonFormattingTab class represents a ribbon tab for setting font and paragraph attributes, formatting styles and for handling the clipboard. The new WPF.RibbonInsertTab class represents a ribbon tab for inserting pages, images, hyperlinks, bookmarks, headers and footers, textframes and symbols. Both are inherited from the System.Windows.Controls.Ribbon.RibbonTab class and can be hosted in a System.Windows.Controls.Ribbon.Ribbon object. They can be connected with a WPF.TextControl through the WPF.TextControl.RibbonFormattingTab and WPF.TextControl.RibbonInsertTab properties.

New Built-in Dialog Boxes

TXTextControl for WPF provides additional built-in dialog boxes for inserting, editing and deleting hyperlinks and bookmarks. The WPF.HyperlinkDialog class provides a dialog box to insert either a HypertextLink to an external location or a DocumentLink to a location in the same document. If there is a link at the current input position, the data of the link is shown and can be edited or the link can be deleted. The WPF.BookmarkDialog class provides a dialog box to insert a bookmark at the current text input position. If there is a bookmark at the current input position, the name of the bookmark is shown and can be edited. The WPF.DeleteBookmarksDialog class is a dialog box which shows all bookmarks in the current document. The user can jump to a bookmark or can delete one or more bookmarks. The WPF.GotoDialog dialog box can be used to move the current input position to a certain page, section, line, table or bookmark. The new input position is shown with a marker.

Loading and Saving Images

TX Text Control now uses Windows Imaging Component (WIC), a Component Object Model based imaging codec framework for working with and processing digital images and image metadata. The Tagged Image Format (.TIF) and Graphics Interchange Format (.GIF) image formats can now additionally be used for exporting images. The Image.ExportFilterIndex and SaveSettings.ImageExportFilterIndex properties support this feature.

Resource Kit

The web editor component can now be fully localized and is part of the TX TextControl resource kit.

ButtonBar.ButtonPositions Property

Has been replaced through the Items property.

ButtonBar.ButtonOffsets Property

Has been replaced through the Items property.

ButtonBar.ButtonSeparators Property

Has been replaced through the Items property.

ButtonBar.BorderStyle Property

Has been replaced through the BorderBrush and BorderThickness properties.

ButtonBar.ButtonStyle Property

Has been removed. All default items of a WPF.ButtonBar are WPF controls which can be designed with System.Windows.Style objects.

ButtonBar.DisplayColors Property

Has been removed. All default items of a WPF.ButtonBar are WPF controls which can be designed with System.Windows.Style objects.

WPF.TextControl.MousePosition Property

Has been removed. The position can be obtained from the MouseEventArgs parameter of the WPF.TextControl.MouseMove routed event or through the Mouse.GetPosition method.

WPF.TextControl.Loaded Event

A WPF.TextControl object is ready for interaction, when its Loaded event occurs. The application window's Loaded event can no longer be used to interact with a TextControl contained in this application.