Invokes the built-in dialog box for checking incorrect or misspelled (TXTextControl.TextControl.MisspelledWords) words. The first implementation opens the spell check dialog for checking of the TXSpellChecker.IncorrectWords collection in TXSpell for Windows Forms. To connect the SpellCheckDialog with an object of type TXTextControl.TextControl, the Show method provides the third implementation. At both implementations, the dialog's selected suggestion dictionary is specified through the SuggestionDictionaryComboBox.SuggestionDictionary property. The second and the fourth implementation can be used to invoke the dialog with another suggestion dictionary.


public void Show();
Public Sub Show()


public void Show(Proofing.Dictionary suggestionDictionary);
Public Sub Show(suggestionDictionary As Proofing.Dictionary)


public void Show(object textControl);
Public Sub Show(textControl As Object)

Show(Object, Proofing.Dictionary)

public void Show(object textControl, Proofing.Dictionary suggestionDictionary);
Public Sub Show(textControl As Object, suggestionDictionary As Proofing.Dictionary)


Parameter Description
suggestionDictionary Specifies the dictionary used for creating suggestions. This parameter is only useful, if more than one dictionary has been added to the spellchecker's dictionary collection.
textControl Specifies the object of type TXTextControl.TextControl that is connected to the dialog.