Saves the complete content of the user dictionary in a file at the specified path or as a string array. If using a file name without any file path, the user dictionary is saved in the default dictionary folder. The method has no effect, if the specified path does not end with ".txd" or the user dictionary is not added to the TXSpell.Dictionaries or TXSpellChecker.Dictionaries DictionaryCollection.


public bool Save(string userDictionaryPath);
Public Function Save(userDictionaryPath As String) As Boolean


public void Save(out string[] stringArray);
Public Sub Save(ByRef stringArray As String())


Parameter Description
userDictionaryPath Specifies a file that is used to save the user dictionary. If the file does not exist, it is created. Otherwise its contents are overwritten. If the path is not valid, an ArgumentException is thrown.
stringArray Specifies a string array that is used to save the user dictionary.

Return Value

The method returns true, if the user dictionary could be saved or false if not.