The IncorrectWord class represents an incorrect word in a text. It is inherited from the abstract class SpelledWord.


public sealed class IncorrectWord : Proofing.SpelledWord
Public NotInheritable Class IncorrectWord
  Inherits Proofing.SpelledWord


Property Description
Index Gets the index of the spelled word to the corresponding collection.
(Inherited from SpelledWord)
IsDuplicate Gets a value indicating whether the spelled word is declared as incorrect, because the previous word has the same text.
Language Gets a value indicating the language the incorrect word was spelled.
Length Gets the length of the spelled word.
(Inherited from SpelledWord)
Start Gets the starting position of a spelled word.
(Inherited from SpelledWord)
Text Gets the text of the spelled word.
(Inherited from SpelledWord)