Invokes the built-in dialog box to define spell check, create suggestions and hyphenation and create synonyms settings..


public void OptionsDialog();
Public Sub OptionsDialog()


public void OptionsDialog(int[] activeTabs);
Public Sub OptionsDialog(activeTabs As Integer())


public void OptionsDialog(Proofing.WPF.ShowDialogSettings showDialogSettings);
Public Sub OptionsDialog(showDialogSettings as Proofing.WPF.ShowDialogSettings)

OptionsDialog(Proofing.WPF.ShowDialogSettings, Int[])

public void OptionsDialog(Proofing.WPF.ShowDialogSettings showDialogSettings, int[] activeTabs);
Public Sub OptionsDialog(showDialogSettings as Proofing.WPF.ShowDialogSettings, activeTabs As Integer())


Parameter Description
showDialogSettings Sets an instance of the ShowDialogSettings class to determine the dialog's start position and owner.
activeTabs Specifies the indices of the tabs, zero-based, which are displayed when the tabbed dialog box is opened. Index 0 stands for the spell checking options tab such as case sensitivity and ignoring words. The tab represented by index 1 displays all loaded dictionaries. Tab 2 provides hyphenation options. Tab 3 shows an overview of all loaded Thesaurus files.


The number of active tabs for the options dialog must be at least one. Otherwise, an ArgumentException is thrown.