New Features and Update Notes

TX Spell .NET 3.0 provides the following new features:

Improved Suggestion Quality

The quality of the suggestions has been improved. Based on the analysis of thousands of test documents, the expected suggestion is now ranked at position 1 or 2 in more than 97% of all test cases. The distance between the keys on the currently used keyboard is measured and the results are evaluated and rated.

New SpellCheckDialog

TX Spell .NET 3.0 provides a Proofing.TXSpellChecker.SpellCheckDialog that can be customized and used with TX Text Control or any other controls such as the RichTextBox, a simple TextBox or a GridView. You can even use one dialog for more controls in a single pass.

New Events

TX Spell .NET 3.0 provides events when dictionaries are added or removed, words are added or removed to or from user dictionaries or buttons have been clicked in the new customizable Proofing.TXSpellChecker.SpellCheckDialog.

Dictionaries from Memory

OpenOfficeDictionaries and UserDictionaries can be added and saved from and to a string array. This allows the addition of dictionaries from memory or from databases.

Create Context Menus Easily

The new Proofing.TXSpellChecker.GetMenuItems method returns an array of ready-to-use Proofing.MenuItems for the integration into your own context menu. You can easily combine your own menus with the spell checking specific entries such as AddToDictionary, Delete, IgnoreAll, IgnoreOnce, NoSuggestions and Suggestion.