Class Description
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.FilterInstruction The FilterInstruction class is used to filter merge block data by certain conditions before merging.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.SortingInstruction The SortingInstruction class contains merge block data sorting information such as the sort order and the column name to sort the data rows after.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataColumnInfo The DataColumnInfo class provides basic information about a table column in a data source.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataRelationInfo The DataRelationInfo class provides all necessary information about parent-child-relations between data tables.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager The DataSourceManager class is designed for handling all existing kinds of data sources which can be used together with the MailMerge class.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataTableInfo The DataTableInfo class provides basic information about a data table in a data source.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockInfo The MergeBlockInfo class is used to insert a table or paragraph based repeating merge block into a TextControl instance using the DataSourceManager.InsertMergeBlock method.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockSettings The MergeBlockSettings class is used to insert a table or paragraph based repeating merge block into a TextControl instance using the DataSourceManager.InsertMergeBlock method.


Constructor Description
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.FilterInstruction Initializes a new instance of the FilterInstruction class.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.SortingInstruction Initializes a new instance of the SortingInstruction class.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager Initializes a new instance of the DataSourceManager class.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockInfo Initializes a new instance of the MergeBlockInfo class.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockSettings Initializes a new instance of the MergeBlockSettings class.


Event Description
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.ConnectionStringChanged Is fired when the contents of the ConnectionString property change.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.DataProviderNameChanged Is fired when the contents of the DataProviderName property change.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.DataRelationsChanged Is fired when the contents of the DataRelations property change.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.DataTablesChanged Is fired when the contents of the DataTables property change.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.IsMergingPossibleChanged Is fired when the value of the IsMergingPossible property changes.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.MasterDataTableInfoChanged Is fired when the contents of the MasterDataTableInfo property change.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.PossibleMergeBlockTablesChanged Is fired when the contents of the PossibleMergeBlockTables property change.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.PossibleMergeFieldColumnsChanged Is fired when the contents of the PossibleMergeFieldColumns property change.


Method Description
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.InsertMergeBlock Inserts a repeating merge block into a TextControl instance, a WPF.TextControl instance or a ServerTextControl instance at the current input position.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.IsMergeBlock Checks if a given SubTextPart is a merge block.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.LoadAssembly Loads an assembly file as a data source.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.LoadDataSet Loads a System.Data.DataSet object as a data source.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.LoadDataSourceConfig Loads an XML string or a file containing "report data source configuration" data.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.LoadDataTable Loads a System.Data.DataTable object as a data source.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.LoadJson Loads a JSON string containing an array of objects or a single object as a data source.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.LoadObjects Loads a collection implementing the interface IEnumerable as a data source and deduces the data tables, column names and data relations from the public properties and used classes of the first contained object using .NET reflection or, in case of the first contained object being a Dictionary with string keys, from the key names and value types.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.LoadSingleObject Loads a single object which is either a Dictionary with string keys or an object of an arbitrary type as a data source.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.LoadXmlFile Loads the contents of an XML file as a data source.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.LoadXmlString Loads XML data, given as a string, as a data source.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.Merge Merges a binary TX internal unicode format document with the currently loaded data source.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.SaveDataSourceConfig Saves an XML string or a file containing "report data source config" data.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockInfo.Apply Stores the meta data (filters, sorting instructions and the block merging condition) in the SubTextPart which represents the block.


Property Description
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.FilterInstruction.ColumnName Gets or sets the name of the table column whose content this merge condition is compared to.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.FilterInstruction.CompareTo Gets or sets the value the table column content is compared to using the specified comparison operator.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.FilterInstruction.ComparisonOperator Gets or sets the relational operator used as the comparison operator.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.FilterInstruction.LogicalOperator Gets or sets the logical operator by which to logically connect a filter instruction to the previous one if a filter consists of a collection of multiple filter instructions.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.SortingInstruction.OrderBy Gets or sets the table column name to order the data by.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.SortingInstruction.SortOrder Gets or sets the sort order (ascending / descending).
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataColumnInfo.Caption Gets a descriptive or friendly column name.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataColumnInfo.ColumnName Gets the column name.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataColumnInfo.DataTableInfo Gets an object of type DataTableInfo which represents the table this column belongs to.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataColumnInfo.DataType Gets the data type of this table column.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataRelationInfo.ChildColumnName Gets the name of the child column which is part of this data relation.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataRelationInfo.ChildTableName Gets the name of the child table which is part of this data relation.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataRelationInfo.ParentColumnName Gets the name of the parent column which is part of this data relation.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataRelationInfo.ParentTableName Gets the name of the parent table which is part of this data relation.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataRelationInfo.RelationName Gets the data relation name if one was defined.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.ConnectionString Gets the connection string of the connection selected with the DatabaseConnectionDialog.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.DataProviderName Gets the name of the data provider selected with the DatabaseConnectionDialog.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.DataRelations Gets a DataRelationInfoCollection of DataRelationInfo objects which represent the data relations in the data source.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.DataTables Gets a DataTableInfoCollection of DataTableInfo objects which represent the data tables in the data source.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.IsMergingPossible Gets a value indicating whether all requirements are met and the method Merge can be called.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.MasterDataTableInfo Gets or sets a DataTableInfo object representing the table which is used as a master table when merging data into the document.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.PossibleMergeBlockTables Gets a DataTableInfoCollection of DataTableInfo objects representing the tables which can be used as merge blocks using the currently selected master table.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.PossibleMergeFieldColumns Gets a DataColumnInfoCollection of DataColumnInfo objects representing the table columns which can be used as merge fields using the currently selected master table.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataTableInfo.ChildRelations Gets a DataRelationInfoCollection representing the parent-child-relationships this table has with other data tables.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataTableInfo.ChildTables Gets a DataTableInfoCollection representing the child-tables this table has.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataTableInfo.Columns Gets a DataColumnInfoCollection representing the columns of this data table.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.DataTableInfo.TableName Gets the table name.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockInfo.BlockMergingCondition Gets or sets a condition the parent data row of this merge block has to satisfy so that this merge block is merged at all.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockInfo.ChildBlocks Gets or sets the list of merge blocks nested inside this merge block.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockInfo.ColumnNames Gets or sets the list of data column names which represent the merge fields this merge block consists of.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockInfo.Filters Gets or sets a list of filter instructions which are used to filter the data rows before merging.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockInfo.MergeFields Returns the merge fields inside this merge block excluding fields in possible nested merge blocks.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockInfo.SortingInstructions Gets or sets a list of sorting instructions which are used to sort the data rows before merging.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockInfo.TableName Gets the table name of this merge block.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockSettings.AddResult Returns whether the new block has successfully been inserted by DataSourceManager.InsertMergeBlock.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockSettings.BlockTemplateType Gets or sets a value of type BlockTemplateType which specifies the type of the inserted repeating block.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockSettings.CreatedTable Returns the table created by DataSourceManager.InsertMergeBlock if property BlockTemplateType was set to BlockTemplateType.TableRow.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockSettings.CreateHeaderRow If this property is true and property BlockTemplateType is set to BlockTemplateType.TableRow, a table header row is automatically generated.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockSettings.FieldDisplayMode Gets or sets a value of type FieldDisplayMode which specifies the content display mode of the inserted fields.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockSettings.HighlightColor Specifies the color the inserted merge block is highlighted with if the input position is inside the block.
TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataSources.MergeBlockSettings.TableID Gets or sets the ID of the table created by DataSourceManager.InsertMergeBlock.