Information about a comment. Is used by class CommentEventArgs.


   active: <boolean>,
   comment: <String>,
   creationTime: <Number>,
   highlightColor: <String>,
   highlightMode: <HighlightMode>,
   id: <Number>,
   length: <Number>,
   number: <Number>,
   start: <Number>,
   userName: <String>

Introduced: 30.0.


Property Description
active Comment activation state.
comment The comment text.
creationTime Creation time as a Unix time stamp in milliseconds.
highlightColor Highlight color as a CSS color string.
highlightMode The comment's highlight mode.
id The comment's identifier.
length The comment's length in characters.
number The number of the comment in the document's text flow.
start The comment's 1-based start position in the document.
userName The name of the user who made the comment.