The type of the result parameter of the LoadDocumentCallback callback function.


   author: <string>,
   bytesRead: <number>,
   creationDate: <number>,
   creatorApplication: <string>,
   cssFileName: <string>,
   documentKeywords: <string[]>,
   documentPartName: <string>,
   documentSubject: <string>,
   lastModificationDate: <number>,
   loadedFile: <string>,
   loadedStreamType: <StreamType>,
   pageMargins: <Object>,
   pageSize: <Size>


Property Description
author The document's author
bytesRead The number of bytes read during the load operation.
creationDate The document's creation date.
creatorApplication The application, which has created the document.
cssFileName The path and filename of the CSS file belonging to an HTML or XML document.
documentKeywords The document's keywords.
documentPartName SpreadsheetML only.
documentSubject The document's subject string.
lastModificationDate The date the document is last modified.
loadedFile The name and path of the file that has been loaded.
loadedStreamType The StreamType of the file that has been loaded.
pageMargins The margins of the loaded document's pages.
pageSize The width and height of the loaded document's pages.